How to Handle Hail Damage

As you know, the Denver area recently experienced a severe hail storm causing damage to thousands of vehicles. If your vehicle has hail damage and is currently financed with us, you may be asking yourself what you should do and how this will affect your car loan? Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions you may have about the hail claim process on your vehicle.

Does my insurance policy cover hail damage?
If your auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage, then hail damage will be covered. Comprehensive coverage typically has a deductible you're required to pay first so it's important to make sure the vehicle damage exceeds your deductible before filing a claim.

Do I have to fix my vehicle?
If you're still paying off a loan on your car, then you'll more than likely have to fix the hail damage. Repairs must be made to protect the interest in the vehicle's value for both you and the lienholder. Your insurance company will write a check for the damage cost minus your deductible.

What do I do after my vehicle is fixed?
If you have a car loan, the claim check will be written out to both you and the lienholder. As your lienholder, Partner Colorado will have you sign the check and then we'll deposit it into your savings account and place a hold on it until the repairs are made. Once your vehicle is fixed, we'll need an invoice from the repair shop showing the repairs have been completed. We'll then issue a certified check in the repair shop's name and you can pick up your car. If you choose to pay the body shop yourself and want the money back, you'll have to provide a paid receipt from the repair shop.

Will my insurance premiums go up?
In most cases, filing a comprehensive claim doesn't affect your rates. Damage caused by a natural event is typically not held against you in an auto claim. However, your rates can go up from the number of claims you turn in on your policy so if you've recently turned in other claims, it may affect your rates.
If you have any questions, please call our Total Solutions Contact Center at 303.422.6221.