Lil' Partners Page

Introducing the Lil' Partners Account!

It's never too early to teach your child to save and spend responsibly. That's why we've created the Lil' Partners Account which includes:

  • A FREE piggy bank and coloring book with your child's new account
  • A personalized membership card for your child
  • NO fees or minimum balance requirements
  • A FREE toy with every deposit made at any Partner Colorado location
  • Coloring contests with cash prizes
  • Quarterly drawings for a family-fun day for four
  • FREE newsletter, seminars and webinars
  • Holiday events and more!

Open a Lil' Partners Account for Your Child Today!

Bring your child to any Partner Colorado location to open a Lil' Partners Account. All it takes is a $5 deposit to get started. Please bring your child's birth certificate (or valid picture ID) and Social Security number with you to open the account. 



Fun For Kids     

Have Fun While Learning About Money. 

Kids, with your parents permission have fun learning about money with the links below:


Tips For Parents   

Teach Your Child to Save and Spend Responsibly. 

  • Pay your Lil' Partner an allowance and use a piggy bank
  • Financial lessons can begin as soon as your child expresses interest in money. Even at an early age, a weekly allowance teaches coin recognition, savings goals, and budgeting skills. 
  • Every trip to the store is a potential lesson. Give your child a dollar to spend on anything he/she would like, such as a snack or small toy. Pretty soon your child will understand the value of money and that it has limits.
  • Teach basic savings habits using your new Lil' Partners piggy bank. Draw a line on the bank, and fill it with coins to reach a savings goal.

Parents, take a look at the links we've provided below. We believe you will find some of these articles and tips helpful in raising your money-smart kid.