First Mortgage Rates

Effective: 11/1/2011

Term Rate APR**
30-year Fixed 5.125% 5.143%
15-year Fixed 4.500% 4.531%
  Rate APR**
3/1 4.500% 4.899%
5/1 4.875% 4.971%

** APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Assumes $200,000 first mortgage loan and maximum 80% LTV.
* Adjustment Period Index: 1-year Constant Maturity Treasury Published Rate from US Treasury Website 45 days before the first payment date of the adjustment period available at:
* Adjustment Period Rate = Adjustment Period Index + Adjustable Period Margin (Rounded up to the nearest 1/8%)
* Adjustable Rate Information: Initial Cap = 5%, Periodic Cap = 2%, Life Cap = 6%, Adjustable Period Margin = 2.75%, Adjustable Period Index at Application Time = 0.25%
*Loan amounts under $100,000 will be subject to a .50% rate increase.

Rates published are subject to change without notice.
Above rates are good for loans up to $417,000.

Buy-down (Discount) option: 1% of the loan amount as a discount fee will reduce the interest rate by 0.25% with a maximum buy-down of 2%. Rate buy-down disclosed is for loan amounts $200,000.00 and above. Total rate buy-down can vary depending on the final loan amount.

Minimum loan amount $50,000.00

Closing Cost Schedule

Low Cost Member Program

  • Zero Prepayment Fee
  • Zero ELCU Processing Fee


  1. Active checking, Direct deposit and debit card; OR
  2. Four active services; OR
  3. Ten-year membership

For this program, borrower(s) must pay for all closing costs - 1% origination fee, appraisal, title insurance, processing/underwriting fee and etc. Actual costs may differ depending on the loan amount and other circumstances. Prepaid interest, taxes and insurance are the member's responsibility