Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking is our automated telephone banking system, and it's easy to use and customized to your current account. Instructions are available in English and Spanish. Call 303.422.0478 or 800.847.3951 from any touch-tone phone, enter your account number and four-digit pin number, and interact with Partner Colorado’s computer about your account.

See the Pal Plus Brochure to view or print the instructions on how to use. This is a free service, available to all members.

Instructions for Using the Pal Plus Automated Phone System
  • When you call Telephone Banking, enter your account number and access code.
  • Choose the option with the appropriate service code for the transaction you wish to do. The computer will ask you for the appropriate Share or Loan ID. 
  • When entering an amount, press the “ *” key to separate dollars from cents. For example, $150.00 should be entered as 150*00

  • Press the “ ## “ to go back to the main menu.
  • Press the “ * ” to repeat the message
  • Press “ 0 ” to reach an Account Advisor during business hours