Security Updates

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beware of New Mortgage Phishing Scam

There’s a new email scam going around. It begins with an email being sent to home buyers asking to wire a final payment. The email comes from what looks like the title company with wrong wire information. Once the home buyers wire the payment, the scammers are able to intercept the money and you may not be able to get it back. Click the link below to watch a video from NBC Nightly News on how to prevent this scam from happening to you.


Your Security is Important to Us

Partner Colorado is committed to providing a secure online environment for members. As internet threats continue to increase, Partner Colorado is committed to protecting your financial information. Avoid becoming a victim of fraud or a scam by familiarizing yourself with some of the most common issues seen today.

Common Scams or Issues

We at Partner Colorado take security seriously.  Please watch the following video from for tips on how you can keep your information secure and away from fraudsters.

  • Install security software on your computer
  • Set your security software and browser for automatic updates
  • Watch out for virus pop ups, texts, or calls if not from your security software.  These could be harmful to your computer or could be a solicitation for software.
  • If someone asks for personal information online, ask why they want it and how they will protect it.
  • If buying from an unknown company, research the company first.
  • Look for a physical address and phone number from any company you are buying from online.
  • Use secure sites and look for the 'https' in the web address.
  • Use at least 10 characters for online passwords.  Use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters if possible.  Don't use names, birth dates or common words.
  • Do not use the same password for several websites.
  • Keep passwords secure.
  • Backup computer files.

Your Identity Has Been Stolen

  • Call Partner Colorado Credit Union as soon as you find out.  The sooner your account and shares are updated the better.  By contacting us right away you have a greater chance of protecting your assets.
  • If you have one of the applicable checking accounts, a claim will be filed during your first call to Partner Colorado Credit Union.  If you're not sure please call one of our representatives in the Contact Center. 
  • If you don't have coverage, below are some helpful steps you will want to take to try and protect yourself as much as possible.
  • Call the 3 major credit reporting agencies TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.  Inform them your identity has been stolen and follow their instructions
  • Research and document all fraudulent transactions and false accounts or contracts signed with creditors, banks, utility companies, leasing agents, medical facilities, etc.
  • Contact your local law enforcement department.

Your Debit or Credit Card is Lost or Stolen

  • If this happens during normal business hours, please call our Contact Center at 303.422.6221 or stop by a branch and we can cancel the card and order you a new one.
  • If this happens after normal business hours please call 1.800.543.5073.