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We've topped our best rates to help you make the most of your savings. Simply open a new 12-, 18- or 24-month Certificate of Deposit* (CD) and score our highest rates in years.

  • 12-month term CD = 2.80% APY* 
  • 18-month term CD = 2.90% APY* 
  • 24-month term CD = 3.00% APY*

Open your CD today and earn even higher interest. 

Call 303-422-6221  or visit a Partner Colorado branch. 

APY=Annual Percentage Yield. *If you are using existing funds on deposit at Partner Colorado to open your promotional CD, you must choose a CD with a longer term in order to receive the promotional rate (e.g., move funds from a 12-month CD to a 18-month CD or move funds from your checking account to a CD). The minimum balance to open and earn the advertised interest rates of 2.80% APY for 12 months, 2.90% APY for 18 months and 3.00% APY for 24 months is $500.00. Upon maturity, the promotional CD interest rates will revert to a regular 12-month CD or 24-month CD and will earn the APY in effect at that time. The 18-month CD will revert to the regular 12-month CD and will earn the APY in effect at the time. Penalties will be imposed for early withdrawals. A penalty equal to 90 days of interest will be assessed on early withdrawals for CD terms of 12 months or less, and a penalty equal to 180 days of interest will be assessed for CD terms over 12 months. This includes interest-only withdrawals. Penalties could reduce earnings and principal. IRA certificates are subject to the same penalties and may be subject to additional early withdrawal penalties. Promotional rates are effective as of January 1, 2019. Rates are subject to change without notice. Certain conditions and restrictions may apply.