Take A Payment Vacation...Any Month of the Year!

Unforeseen expenses like a medical bill or car repair can put a strain on your budget. Or you may need a little extra cash for the holidays. For a small fee of $25.00 you can skip a payment during the month of your choice. If you skip a payment in December there's NO feeit's our gift to you during the holidays!

Eligible Loans

Call us at 303-422-6221 or login to Online Banking to request your Skip-a-Payment.

Certain guidelines and conditions apply. Skip-a-Payment cannot be used if your account is past due, over limit, closed, in negative status or you have deferred or skipped payment in the past 12 months. We cannot guarantee a Skip-a-Payment will be processed, if we do not receive your request five business days prior to your payment due date. There must be twelve (12) consecutive monthly on-time payments made to the loan. Skip-a-payment does not apply to real estate loans, credit cards, overdraft protection, first-time auto buyer loans, credit builder loans and/or credit cards, everything loans, and holiday loans. Skip-a-Payment constitutes an addendum and modification on your Partner Colorado Credit Union loan, and interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid principal balance during the month in which you are choosing to Skip-a-Payment. The loan described shall be modified to the extent of one additional month’s interest, at the same interest rate already agreed upon, and one additional month added to the maturity date of the loan. All Skip-a-Payment requests are subject to approval.