How Same Day ACH Debits Will Affect Your Banking

We will begin posting Same Day ACH debit transactions effective Sept. 15, 2017.

We will begin posting Same Day ACH debit transactions effective Sept. 15, 2017.

Partner Colorado will begin posting Same Day ACH debit transactions effective September 15, 2017. We are making this change to comply with a rule change put in place by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). Here are a few helpful facts about this ACH change and how it could affect you.

What is an ACH?

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network used to process transactions for financial institutions. An ACH debit payment is an electronic payment that takes place when you give an institution authorization to debit (withdrawal) straight from your savings or checking account to pay a bill.

What will be changing?

The current, regular ACH debit process typically takes 24 - 48 hours to clear your bank account. With the new ACH debit procedures, merchants can request the debit be processed as a “same day” ACH debit, which means it would clear your account in the afternoon on the same day you initiate the payment.

This may not always be the case; some merchants may continue to process transactions as regular ACH debits taking 24 to 48 hours to clear your account. If a merchant decides to send it through “same day” request, they will need your authorization and should also be disclosing this at the time you initiate the payment.

If you frequently have ACH debits on your account, as an extra precaution always ask how they’re processing the payment to ensure you’re informed.

Why did this change happen?

Same Day ACH was put into place to ensure transactions are processed more efficiently for consumers, financial institutions and businesses and we are required to update our ACH Postings due to rule changes by the NACHA.

We’re here to help you through this change. If you have any questions concerning Same Day ACH debits, please contact our Total Solutions Contact Center at 303.422.6221.



*ACH deposits also refers to any ACH credits.