All You Need to Know About Remote Check Deposit

woman using remote check deposit with mobile phone

In a world where you can order almost anything using your mobile phone, it makes sense that Partner Colorado offers mobile banking services for our members. One of the most convenient features we offer through our Mobile Banking app is Remote Check Deposit.

With Remote Check Deposit, there’s no need to go to a branch or ATM to deposit a check. You can make check deposits using your smartphone or tablet. Here’s all you need to know about Remote Check Deposit.

What is Remote Check Deposit? 

Remote Check Deposit is a way for you to deposit a check into your account from a distant location using a mobile device with internet access. You can be practically anywhere in the world and make your deposit at any time. 

The process is simple. Start by downloading our Mobile Banking app and select Remote Deposit. The app will provide instructions on how to endorse the check and guide you through snapping a picture of both the front and the back of the check. You’ll also be asked to enter the check amount. Once you’ve completed the confirmation, your check will be submitted for deposit into your account. 

The benefits of Remote Check Deposit 

  • Convenience. You can make your deposit anywhere, any time.
  • Speed. Your check will generally clear more quickly through a mobile deposit than it will through an ATM deposit.
  • Time Saver. You don’t have to spend time driving to a branch or waiting in line. 

Facts about Remote Check Deposit

  • Deposit limits. For your safety, there is a maximum amount allowed for deposit through the app.
  • Bounced checks. Just like a confirmed check deposit can end up bouncing several days later, if we cannot collect the funds, a mobile deposit can also be returned for the same reason.
  • Holds on checks. All check deposits may be subject to a hold. In most cases, the first $200.00 will be immediately available.

Is it safe? 

We take many precautions for ensuring your personal information is protected throughout the Remote Check Deposit process. First, no one can sign into your Partner Colorado mobile account without your unique username and password. 

Second, our mobile app does not store your check images in your phone. Once your check has been submitted, the image is erased from your phone and stored only in our own software. 

Finally, if an error occurs, you’ll have the physical check to deposit if necessary. It’s a good idea to keep the physical check for at least 30 days and make sure the funds were applied to your account before shredding the check.

Our Remote Check Deposit is quick, easy and safe. Try it today!