Virtual Financial Coach

Virtual Financial Coach

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We all make the best decisions about our financial health and wellness with the information we have available to us. The Virtual Financial Coach puts more information into your hands.

The Virtual Financial Coach helps people looking to improve their credit scores, move forward after a credit decline, pay down debt, and build healthy financial habits. A secure experience offering personalized financial advice 24/7 on any smart phone or computer, the Virtual Financial Coach uses the most advanced artificial intelligence technology to deliver GreenPath Financial Wellness guidance. Through text-based conversation, you receive empathetic, caring coaching to help you establish financial goals and identify actions you can take to reach them.

Feature Overview
You'll receive bite-sized action steps and motivational nudges to encourage progress and celebrate success.

Providing Options to Move You Ahead
The Virtual Financial Coach delivers financial guidance that is:

  • Personalized using conversation to help build an action plan that meets an individual’s unique needs and goals.
  • Proven, leveraging GreenPath’s 60 years of experience successfully counseling millions of Americans – guidance from one of the nation’s most trusted financial health and wellness services.
  • Caring, clear and concise, judgment and jargon-free, with easy to take actionable steps and options to improve financial health.
  • Amplified, through ongoing behavioral nudges to encourage and celebrate progress.

Virtual Coaching is a free benefit, 100% secure, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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