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7 Halloween Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss

Halloween hacks

Halloween is coming and so are the scary costs of joining in the fun! Yes, all that spookiness can come with a frightening price tag. The average American will spend $169 on Halloween costs this year. Most people spend close to $70 just on their Halloween costume. That’s a lot of money for a costume you likely won’t wear again. Read on for 7 awesome Halloween hacks you don’t want to miss.

Easy Money-Saving Tricks for Millennials

Use these tips to begin saving money.

Millennials have a unique financial struggle. The competitive job market makes it difficult to find a job that earns enough money to pay for all the necessary living expenses and payoff student loan debt. At the same time, millennials are being told to save more and spend less, but that’s easier said than done with rent prices being at an all-time high. Here are a few easy money-saving tricks millennials can try.