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Beware of the Amazon Watch Raffle Scam

Beware of the Amazon Watch Raffle Scam

Everyone admires Amazon’s scope and efficiency. Scammers are no exception. Recently, they’ve been piggybacking on Amazon’s reach and good name to pull off a scam that’s already taken in thousands of innocent victims.

The scam, also known as the “fitness watch text” or the “Apple Watch raffle scam”, involves a congratulatory text message pop-up on consumers’ phones and the fraudulent promise of a big win. Here’s all you need to know about the Amazon watch raffle scam:

Phishing for Students on the Rise

Phishing is a real threat, especially to college students using new college networks.

Educational institutions and students of all ages are prime targets for phishing attacks.

A constant barrage of emails throughout the school year create inbox chaos. But phishing isn’t limited to a younger generation of heavy online users. Holiday and tax seasons are also ripe for phishing scams.

But students, especially college students have it especially tough.