Back-to-School Shopping Hacks

kid with cart during back-to-school shopping

You may be deep into your summer routine, but back-to-school season is already in full swing. And, any way you slice it, back-to-school shopping is going to be expensive. Between new backpacks, textbooks, a long list of supplies and a fresh autumn wardrobe, most parents are looking at a bill of close to $700 for school-related expenses this season. Read on for our handy list of back-to-school shopping hacks that will help you keep more money in your wallet. 

How a Checking and Savings Account Benefits Young Adults

Young adults hanging out in a group

Financial freedom is a goal most young adults have when starting out on their own. A checking and savings account are the first basic steps in reaching financial independence.

We believe helping young adults get ahead financially early on will lead them to have a successful financial future. That’s why we created our Reward YA! (Young Adult) Account. Reward YA! is designed for the on-the-go lifestyle of young adults, ages 18-26. Learn more about our Reward YA! account and the benefits that come with it.

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Big Purchase

Woman walking out of a store with a big purchase

You’re convinced—you really want that Coach handbag. Or maybe you just know that gigantic entertainment center will transform your weekends. So you swipe your card and the dream item becomes yours. You’re thrilled! 

That is, until a few weeks later when the credit card bill comes and buyer’s remorse hits. You can’t help wondering, was it really worth the price? Don’t get sucked in again. Before you say “yes” to a big purchase, ask yourself these 7 questions. 

5 Ways to Budget for Your Wedding

Wedding ceremony on a budget

June is one of the most popular months to tie the knot. With wedding season in full bloom this month, it’s a good time to remember you don’t need to skimp on the wedding of your dreams or go deeply into debt to pay for it. By planning ahead, choosing wisely and prioritizing what’s truly important, you can say “I do” without stressing over wedding costs. Here are simple ways to budget for your wedding.

How to Fund an Emergency

An image of a woman dealing with the aftermath of a home flood

Have you ever been hit with a financial emergency and didn’t know how to pay for it? Ideally, you’ll want to have an emergency fund in place for this very reason. If you don’t, or the money you have set aside isn’t enough, you have several options to consider. Be sure to review the pros and cons of each option below before determining which option will work best for you.

Add a Little Extra Green to Your Income

Adding a little extra green to your income is a great way to increase your savings.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this weekend so you may be looking through your closet for something green to wear. Wouldn’t it be nice to add a little extra green to your income too?

We already have so many financial obligations like mortgage or rent, utility bills, food, gas, insurance and the list goes on. So when it comes to setting aside money for savings, you may feel like you’re coming up short. Sometimes being able to save more money comes down to needing more income. Here are a few ways to add little extra green to your income.