How to Budget in Times of Inflation

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With inflation at record highs, many Americans are finding it difficult to stick to a budget. After all, when groceries have leapt in price and household staples can be double, or even triple, what they cost just a year ago, how can the same amount of money get you through the month?

Sticking to a budget during times of high inflation is challenging, but not impossible. Here are five ways to budget while in times of inflation.

What You Need to Know About Certificates of Deposit

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No one wants to play around with their savings. Whether you’ve just received a lump sum through a work bonus, inheritance, or you’ve been saving for a while until you’ve built a sizeable nest egg, you’ll likely want to put your savings in a place that offers your money its biggest chance at growth without risking a loss.

What to Buy and What to Skip in November

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The biggest shopping month of the year is here. With Black Friday deals running for as long as the entire month of November and Cyber Monday giving the internet a chance at boasting super-low deals too, it’s truly the season to save. Before you start charging up a storm, though, keep in mind not every Black Friday deal is really all it’s cracked up to be. Some purchases should wait until December or until after the holidays have passed. Lucky for you, we have the info you need to score the best deals this month and beyond. Here’s what to buy and what to skip in November.

Should You Keep Cash at Home?

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There have recently been posts on social media about keeping cash at home during times of high inflation. You may be wondering if that’s the recommended practice?

Keeping large amounts of cash in envelopes, kitchen drawers or stuffed under the mattress is not recommended during times of inflation—or at any other time. Here are the answers to all of the questions you may have about handling cash during times of inflation.

How to Talk Money with Your Partner

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Talking finances with your partner may not be your idea of a romantic moment, but communicating openly about how to manage your money is a crucial part of having an honest and trusting relationship. People can get defensive when discussing how to spend money. How can two partners have a calm, productive discussion about money? Here are six tips we’ve put together to help guide you in this important conversation.