Teen Partners Account

A Teen Partners account is like a learner's permit for financial success!

You'll teach your teen the rules of the road (if you haven't already). Now teach her how to manage money. Our Teen Partners account is designed to teach teens the importance of saving money and spending wisely.

Designed specifically for ages 13-17. 

Open a savings account and we'll deposit the first $10. Open a checking account and we'll deposit $10 more!1

  • Optional checking account and debit card teens can personalize with their favorite photo.
  • Mobile banking and card controls for on-the-go teens.
  • Complete our online Money Management module and pass the quiz to receive $25 more!

Open a Teen Partners account today! Call 303.422.6221 or stop by any Partner Colorado branch.

1$5.00 to open. Must be a joint account with a parent, grandparent or responsible adult. Certain restrictions and conditions may apply.