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How to Build Good Credit

Use Credit Responsibly

Believe it or not, if you bury yourself in bad credit debt, it can not only prevent you from buying a home or car, but hinder you in your next job opportunity.  From the day you get your first credit card, every purchase and every payment matters. Immensely. It’s important to be responsible not only when using your credit card, but also at payment time each month. But what exactly does that mean?

Be Smart

How Students Can Start Building Credit

Discover Strategies for Students to Build their Credit

When you are a young student, it is a perfect time to start building your credit.  A “credit score” measures the chance that a loan will be paid back by the borrower. In other words, it provides lenders an idea of the likelihood that their money will be returned to them…in full and on time. To establish and maintain a good credit score requires that you demonstrate a track record of responsibility and trustworthiness with someone else’s money.