Run the numbers before making your important financial decisions. 

Mortgage Calculators

Analyze your Partner Colorado Credit Union mortgage options and their costs, whether you're a first-time buyer or a long-time owner looking to purchase or refinance. 

Home Equity Calculators

The first step is estimating how much equity might be available to you. Then see how much home equity loans and lines of credit (HELOCs) could cost and how they can be used. 

Auto Loan Calculators

Dig into the financial details of your car, truck or SUV loan through Partner Colorado Credit Union. You'll be able to determine how much vehicle you can afford, figure out if purchasing or leasing is better and much more. 

Savings Calculators

Set a goal to save more, whether it's for college, retirement or a special purchase. See how a steady approach to saving money can truly add up with the help of competitive interest rates. These calculators help you create a financial plan.

Retirement Calculators

Track your retirement savings and long-term finances using these helpful tools. 

Debt Calculators

Create a plan for managing and paying off debt by taking a closer look at your situation. 

Budget Calculators

Get help setting a budget and building your savings with these financial calculators. You can figure out how much you're spending in order to find areas where you can save more, which can help you calculate and improve your net worth.