Free toys? Now that will get your child's attention.

Save For Your Childs Future 

Start saving for any level of your child's education with an Educational Savings Account.

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We make saving fun for kids 12 and younger

Starting point

Kids begin their savings journey with a Lil' Partners account that has no fees or minimum balance requirements.

Added excitement

Children receive a free piggy bank and coloring book when they open their account.

More good stuff

Our Lil' Partners get a free toy with every deposit, invites to holiday events, and can enter coloring contests with cash prizes.

Learning component

Basic financial education concepts are shared in our Lil' Partners newsletter, seminars, webinars and blogs.

Creating good habits

Opening a youth savings account is a great way to teach your kids responsible money management.

Building momentum

Children can start saving early and explore other accounts as they get older.

It's kid stuff - but important kid stuff

Why do we hand out piggy banks and prizes to youngsters who open savings accounts and make deposits? Because at Partner Colorado Credit Union, we believe it's never too early to begin learning about the value of money. At every stage of childhood, we work with parents to help build savings habits that last a lifetime. All it takes is a $5.00 deposit to get started. Please bring a valid picture ID and Social Security number with you to open the account.

Get to Know Big Buck

Partner Colorado loves to make learning about money fun. Our Lil’ Partner mascot, Big Buck, does just that by helping kids learn how to make, save and spend money wisely.

Here’s your chance to get to know Big Buck!

I was just a young colt when I became part of the Partner Colorado family. They introduced me as the face of their Lil’ Partners program in 2015. Now I’m all grown up and ready to have some fun and horse around with our Lil’ Partners and parents!

I like to eat apples and hay, go for walks and practice my dance moves!

I love to teach kids about money and how to save and spend wisely.

I’m a distant cousin to a Denver bronco who lives on a farm on the plains of Colorado.

Even though I’m a blue horse, and that horse statue at the Denver airport is a blue mustang, he kind of scares me.

I think it’s his glowing red eyes.

Lil' Partners Pages & Coloring Contest

Encourage kids to develop healthy saving habits for their future. View the latest quarterly coloring sheet below.

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Online Banking

Take control of your personal finances through Online Banking.

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  • Track what's important to you

Resources to move you ahead.

Resources to move you ahead.
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