Signature Line of Credit or Loan

Money that makes sure your business never misses a beat.

We like to call it hard-working capital

One application, countless loans

Draw on a line of credit as often as you like - as long as you stay under your dollar limit.

Instant access

Tap into your line of credit with checks, through Online and Mobile Banking and at Partner Colorado Credit Union locations.

Pay it back, use it again

When you repay what you’ve spent, you can use it again in the future.

Want it all upfront?

Partner Colorado also provides working capital through customized Signature Loans.

Competitive rates

With either funding option, you'll save money on interest charges compared to most credit cards.

No collateral necessary

No need put up real estate or other business property to qualify for these loans or credit lines.

A funding solution for almost any situation

The business world brings plenty of opportunity - and uncertainty as well. Be ready for either with a Signature Line of Credit. Tap into funds at a moment's notice to make repairs, add inventory, hire seasonal help or cover other expenses that come along. And what if you need a chunk of money all at once? We also offer Signature Loans that can be tailored to fit your right-now needs.

Online Banking

Take control of your personal finances through Online Banking.

  • Real-time information
  • Transfer money easily
  • Track what's important to you

Newtek Business Service

Helping businesses grow, reduce cost and minimize risk. 

  • Flexible financing
  • Upgraded technology
  • Full coverage


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Resources to move you ahead.
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