Mortgage Calculators

Analyze your mortgage options with these financial calculators.

Calculate A Mortgage Payment

Find out what your Partner Colorado home loan will cost each month.

Rent or Buy?

Find the best choice based on the housing market in your Colorado community.

Proceeds From Sale Of A Home

Calculate how much money you could make from selling your home.

Home Affordability

Before choosing a house, make sure your mortgage fits within your budget.

Compare Two Mortgage Loans

Figure out which home loan best fits your finances.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Analyzer

You could save money with a lower rate during an initial period of time before the rate adjusts. Dig into all the numbers.

Time To Refinance?

Estimate your monthly savings if you choose to refinance your mortgage.

Compare A Bi-Weekly Mortgage To A Monthly Mortgage

Take a closer look at this strategy designed to help you pay off your mortgage sooner.

Debt To Income Calculator

Make sure your income can comfortably cover your debt payments.