Credit Builder Loans

To ensure you have access to financial support to move your goals and dreams forward, we created our Partners in Financial Health program. This comprehensive program includes loans to build or rebuild your credit, free credit counseling and free educational workshops.

Credit Builder Loans

Ready to apply for your first loan or credit card? Need to repair a poor credit profile? A Credit Builder loan can put plans into motion, while allowing you to build a positive credit profile.

Share Secured Loan

Borrowers with no credit or poor credit history can use funds on deposit at Partner Colorado to secure a $250 loan. The loan is repaid over 12 months.

Share Secured Visa Card

Designed for first-time credit card users and those wanting to repair their credit. Credit limit is $250 and is secured by funds on deposit at Partner Colorado.

Free Credit and Financial Wellness Coaching

Partner Colorado has joined forces with GreenPath, Inc., a non-profit, financial wellness services organization, which provides support and education for EVERYONE, regardless of where you are in your financial journey. To learn more, visit or call 877.337.3399. Be sure to let them know you're a Partner Colorado member!

The Benefits of Raising Your Credit Score

Credit Builder Loans enable you to borrow with confidence and peace of mind, knowing your loan will be repaid automatically and on time. Once you have successfully paid your loans back, and your credit rating and credit score have improved, you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits afforded those who have good credit:

  • Lower rates on loans, which can save you thousands of dollars
  • Lower cost on your insurance premiums
  • Easier access to contracts for new services, such as mobile phones
  • Better opportunities for new employment-yes, they do check!
  • Easier future credit approval

It's Never Too Late to Improve Financial Wellness. At Partner Colorado, we're committed to improving your financial well-being, while moving you ahead. Let's work together as Partners in Financial Health.

Check out our blog to find five tips for paying off a loan early.

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Certain conditions and restrictions may apply.  All loans subject to credit and income verification.