Mobile Card Controls

Keep your accounts secure

Our new Mobile Card Controls feature within our Mobile Banking app gives you the power to protect your debit and credit cards against fraud. Now you can:

  • Turn your card off if you lose it, misplace it or if your purse or wallet is stolen.
  • Cancel an existing card and order a new card.
  • Keep your card turned off until you want to use it, preventing fraud from data breaches.
  • Lower daily spending limits—this is handy if you're loaning the card to your teenager or want to stick to a budget.

Not a Mobile Banking user? Download our app from the Google Play™ or Apple iTunes™ stores.

Take a look at our Mobile Card Controls video and get a better idea of how it works!

If you prefer to speak with a representative about your lost or stolen card please feel free to contact us.

Mobile Card Controls...just another way Partner Colorado is moving you ahead.