How to Save Money to Buy a Car

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Saving money ahead of time can help make your new vehicle purchase more affordable. With the money you save, making a down payment will reduce the total amount you’ll need to borrow. You’ll also have a lower monthly auto loan payment, and you’ll spend less on interest over the life of the loan. Here are a few easy steps you can take to save up money for a down payment on your new car.

How to Talk Money with Your Partner

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Talking finances with your partner may not be your idea of a romantic moment, but communicating openly about how to manage your money is a crucial part of having an honest and trusting relationship. People can get defensive when discussing how to spend money. How can two partners have a calm, productive discussion about money? Here are six tips we’ve put together to help guide you in this important conversation.

Things to Consider When You Get a Raise

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Getting a raise is a rewarding recognition of the hard work you’re doing. It means you’re valued by your employer and moving ahead on your career path. When you get a raise, your first instinct might be thinking of all the things you can buy now with that larger paycheck.

Before spending your extra cash, put a plan in place to help you avoid impulse buys. Take some time to think about how you can improve your financial stability. Below we’ve listed things to consider when you get a raise.

How to Raise Your Child to be a Financially Independent Adult

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It’s commendable to raise your kids today with an eye toward the future. Teaching your child how to be financially independent will help smooth the transition into adulthood. It will also give your kid the tools he needs to achieve and maintain financial wellness throughout his life. Here are some tips for raising kids into financially independent adults.

How to Keep More of Your Paycheck

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A lot of times the way you spend money is nothing more than a habit—and it all adds up. From spending $8 on your morning coffee to $15 on your daily lunch to spending $100 on new shoes, your costly habits can be draining your finances faster than you think. If your paycheck seems to disappear too quickly, it might be time to adjust your spending habits so you can move ahead financially. Here are some good money habits to incorporate into your lifestyle so you can keep more of your paycheck.

Post-Pandemic Money Moves

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Readjusting to normal life as pandemic restrictions are lifted and businesses reopen across the country will mean more than just getting used to wearing real pants again and working without your cat on your lap. You’ll also need to consider your finances. How has your overall money management changed during the pandemic? Have you dipped into your savings? Have you been letting your retirement accounts slide? Or, maybe you’ve been waiting for the chance to hit your favorite stores again, and you can’t wait to splurge after a 15-month financial fast.

5 Steps to Take Before Making a Large Purchase

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Have you ever been bitten by the gotta-have-it bug? It could be a Peloton bike that’s caught your eye, or maybe you want to spring for a new entertainment system, no matter the cost. Before you go ahead and make the purchase, though, it’s a good idea to follow the steps outlined here to be sure you’re making a decision you won’t ultimately regret.