All You Need to Know About Applying for FAFSA

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Whether you’re a college student, a high school senior or you’re seeking financial aid for your college-age child, applying for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can help you fund college expenses. We know all the rules and filling out the forms can seem confusing, but we’re here to help! Here’s all you need to know about applying for FAFSA.

Spring Clean Your Finances

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Spring is a great time of year to clear your house of accumulated junk. Why not do the same for your finances? Junk can accumulate there, too. In fact, some of your money matters may need a good spring cleaning this season. It’s especially true this year, when many Americans are still recovering from the financial fallout of COVID-19, or maybe wondering how to use the latest round of stimulus checks. Whatever your current situation, a thorough spring-cleaning of your finances is a responsible move this time of year. Here are some ways to spring clean your finances.

How to Fund College Tuition

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Are you wondering how you’ll be able to pay for your child’s college education? You’re not alone. With the high cost of college expenses, many families struggle with this concern. According to U.S. News & World Report, the average in-state tuition for a public college is about $9,687 for the 2020-2021 school year. A public out-of-state college is around $21,184 and a private college averages about $35,087 for one year.

How to Stop Overspending on Your Monthly Food Budget

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Food is one of biggest monthly expenses in many households. According to Business Insider, the average family in Denver spends around $758 each month on food, including groceries and dining out. We all know food is an essential part of life, but by creating a food budget you can find ways to cut costs. Here are some common mistakes to avoid so you don’t overspend.

5 Reasons We Overspend (and How to Overcome Them)

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We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s that I-gotta-have-it urge that overtakes us when we see a pair of designer jeans. Maybe it’s that shrug as we reach for the $6 cup of overrated coffee that says “I deserve this.” Or maybe it’s that helpless feeling as the end of the month draws near and we realize we’ve outspent our budget again. What makes us overspend? Let’s take a look at five common reasons and how we can overcome them.

What to Do with Your First Paycheck

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If you’re entering the working world as a long-term employee for the first time in your life, you might have dollar signs dancing in your head while you dream of what you’re going to do with your first real paycheck. Before you start planning a one-in-each-color shopping spree at the mall or a weekend in Vegas, check out our list of responsible things to do with your first paycheck.

What’s the Best Way to Tackle Debt?

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Getting rid of debt isn’t easy, but if you’re ready to do what it takes, you can shake off any amount of debt. Let’s explore the pros and cons of two popular approaches for paying down debt, the snowball method and the avalanche method.

The snowball method

This approach involves focusing on paying off the smallest debt first and then working on the next-smallest debt until it’s all paid off.