Change Your Thought Process about Money and Budgeting

Create financial goals and better control of your personal finances.

Create financial goals and better control of your personal finances.

Do you have trouble convincing yourself you need to stick to a budget every month or think your money problems will go away if you just don’t think about them too much? Having negative thoughts about money will only make it more difficult to overcome your financial challenges and reach your financial goals. We have some suggestions on how to fix your money mindset and replace negative attitudes with positive ones.


Instead of: The less I think about money, the happier I will be.
Try: When I know where every dollar is going, I’m calmer, happier and feel in control.

Instead of: Everyone else has it. Why can’t I?
Try: I don’t need to have exactly what everyone else has. I’m unique and put financial security first.


Instead of: What’s the use of trying to save money when I can only put away a tiny bit?

Try: Small change today makes a big difference tomorrow.


Instead of: I don’t have enough money in my account. That’s what credit cards are for!

Try: Since I pay my credit card balance in full each month, it’s no different than using cash.


Instead of: Budgets are so restrictive. I need my freedom!

Try: Living with a budget is empowering because I know exactly what I can afford.


Instead of: I can get long-term loans for more than I can afford because my finances will improve soon.

Try: I make long-term decisions based on what I can currently afford.


Instead of: I already went over my budget for the month, what’s another few hundred dollars?

Try: Every dollar I spend will need to be accounted for.


Instead of: I buy exactly what I need, so a budget won’t help me spend less.

Try: When I work with a budget, I realize I really can manage with less.


Instead of: I saved $10 at the grocery store today, so I deserve this takeout lunch.

Try: When I save money, I put it away immediately so it doesn’t disappear.


Instead of: Why save for a rainy day? Life is short—eat dessert first!

Try: I don’t know what the future will bring, but I feel secure knowing I’m prepared.


Simply shifting your thoughts from negative to positive can have a big impact on improving your financial situation. If you find yourself having some of these negative attitudes about money, try thinking about it in a more positive way.

One of the best ways you can gain a better attitude about money is by keeping track of your finances. Try using our free, online personal financial management tool, My Financial Partner. You can track spending, set financial goals and establish budgets. Working to have a positive attitude will help you gain financial control.