How Teens Can Earn Money in Colorado this Summer

teens working at coffee house

Most teenagers are responsible for certain expenses. Your teen may be expected to pay for some entertainment costs, clothes or gas for driving around.

The older your teen gets, the more expenses he seems to have. That’s why it’s important for your teen to find ways to earn his own money. If your teenager is looking for a summer job in Colorado, here are some realistic job opportunities or money-making ideas your teen can try to earn some cash.


If your teen excels in a certain subject like math or science, he could tutor younger students who are needing to catch up over summer break. Finding an affordable tutor can be challenging for parents, so it’s a sought-after service.

One way to get started is by notifying local schools in your neighborhood that your teen is offering tutoring for certain subjects. Or, if your teen plays a musical instrument, they can provide music lessons as another money-making option.


One of the most popular jobs for a teenager is babysitting. All parents need a reliable babysitter from time to time, so it’s a much-needed service.

Your teen can start out by babysitting for family members, friends or neighbors. The average rate for babysitting in Colorado is around $17 an hour. If your teen is certified in CPR, they could earn more than $17 an hour.

Pet caretaker

Colorado is a very pet-friendly state. Most people here have pets. Starting a pet sitting or dog walking service could be a fun way for your teen to earn extra cash.

Pet sitters generally make $20 to $30 per daily visit. Dog walkers typically make $25 for a 30-minute walk and add $2 for each additional dog. If your teen can’t drive yet, start by taking care of pets in your neighborhood.

Summer camp counselor

There are several summer camps offered throughout Colorado, which means there are always summer job opportunities for teens. Teens are the perfect age group to fill these jobs because they have summers off from school just like the younger camp participants.

Depending on the camp, if your teen is artistic, outdoorsy or shares a similar interest in the theme of the camp, it could increase their chances of getting hired.


Writing a blog may not be the best way to make a lot of money upfront. But if your teen likes to write, it can be a fun way to earn a little extra spending cash. Maybe your teen could start with a local topic discussing summertime in Colorado and write about what there is to do from a teenager’s perspective.

Bloggers get paid for views if they have ads displayed on their blogs. You can also eventually get brand sponsorships or subscriptions which can bring in money. It can take time to get established enough to start bringing in this type of income from a blog, so don’t expect instant results.

If your teen is interested, here are some helpful tips for how to start a blog.

Lawn-mowing service

Mowing lawns is another popular way for teens to make good money in Colorado during the summer. Most people don’t have the time or energy to mow their own lawn, and would prefer to pay someone else to do it.

Mowing lawns is an ideal job for a teen who is at least 16 or older and able to drive. Otherwise, a parent or someone else would have to help your teen drive from job to job.

Waiting tables

Fast food and restaurants are always looking for help. Your teen could get a part-time job as a waiter/waitress, host/hostess or kitchen help. Most places will offer minimum wage or provide the opportunity to make tips. An added bonus, employees often receive free or discounted food.


You must get special certification to become a lifeguard, but it can be a great opportunity for teens to earn a decent wage. Most lifeguards make above minimum wage because of the responsibility and importance of the job.

Clothing store salesperson

If your teenager loves to buy new clothes, it may be a good idea to have your teen work at a favorite clothing store. Most clothing stores provide employee discounts. If your teen is buying clothes there anyway, the discount could help save money.

Plus, if your teen is into fashion, having knowledge of clothing will make it easier to talk to others and sell clothes.

Depending on how old your teen is, he may need a workers permit from his school. Teens ages 14 and 15 may work in retail stores, but certain work conditions may apply. Once your teen turns 16, there is more flexibility with jobs.

Make things to sell on Etsy

If your teen has a creative side, then money can be made by selling crafts online on websites like Etsy. It’s a place where people can make and sell items online. This will give your teen a creative outlet while earning a little cash.

Keep in mind, with most online marketplaces, sellers are usually charged a small listing fee and sometimes a certain percentage of your sale is taken out as a transaction fee.


Like blogging, starting a YouTube channel won’t make you a lot of money quickly. It takes time to establish a YouTube channel to the point where you start getting a lot of subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more likely you are to earn money from advertisers.

Some fun ideas for a teen YouTube channel might include reviewing video games or featuring a favorite hobby. You have to be 18 or older or have someone who is 18 or older who can manage your teen’s payments.

Sell clothes

If your teen’s closet is overflowing with clothes, those clothes can be sold online at sites like Poshmark. Poshmark is a social marketplace for new and used clothing. If your teenager tends to buy clothes and not wear them very long, this is a good way to earn money back when they’re done wearing them.

Once your teen starts receiving income, it’s a good idea to open a savings and checking account. This will keep your teen from being tempted to go out and spend that hard-earned money.

Our Teen Partners savings account is designed for ages 13-17 and is a safe place for your teen to stash his cash. You can also open a Teen Partners checking account that comes with a debit card to make it easier for your teen to make his own purchases. Visit to learn about current promotions for opening a new Teen Partners account.

If your teen is earning a regular paycheck, he can set up direct deposit so his paycheck will automatically go in his Teen Partners checking account. We can often make paychecks available up to two days earlier than your regular payday.

Any of these money-making opportunities can help your teen earn some cash and make it possible for him learn how to manage his own finances. Earning money will give your teen a sense of responsibility and pride in being more self-sufficient.