If you've been turned down for other credit cards, you still have an option.

It's the right credit card for right now

Get on solid ground

Apply for this card when you need to build or repair your credit.

Credit limits up to $5,000

Secure your line of credit with a deposit you make to your Partner Colorado Credit Union savings account.

Wallet-friendly rate

You'll get a much lower interest rate than most similar credit cards provide elsewhere.

Improve your credit, improve your life

A low credit score can sink your finances in many different ways. But how can you raise it if no one gives you the opportunity? That's where Partner Colorado Secured Credit Card comes in. You use your own savings to secure your credit line. And as you make on-time payments and manage credit responsibly, you steadily increase your score, which can help you do everything from getting a lower rate on other loans to securing an apartment lease and much more.

View FICO Credit Score

Keep tabs on this important number from Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO®).

  • Use Mobile Banking to monitor your FICO® Score.
  • Partner Colorado Credit Union provides your score (updated quarterly) based on information from your Experian credit report. 

Online Banking

Take control of your personal finances through Online Banking.

  • Real-time information
  • Transfer money easily
  • Track what's important to you

Resources to move you ahead.

Resources to move you ahead.
How To Properly Use A Credit Card

Make sure you are using your credit card right.

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How To Improve Your Credit Score

Learn how to get your credit score on track.

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How Long Will It Take To Pay Off A Credit Card

See how long it will take to pay off your outstanding balance.

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Mobile Banking

Manage your finances on the go.

Learn More: Mobile Banking

Certain conditions and restrictions may apply. All applicants subject to credit and income verification.