Teen Savings & Checking Accounts

Friends. School. Sports. Jobs. Life moves fast, and the real world isn’t far away. Whether you’re saving for college, a new car, or just want a smart place to stash your cash, Teen Partners is for you.

How The Teen Accounts Work

  • Designed specifically for ages 13-17.
  • Savings Account—Earn interest and save faster.¹
  • Checking and Debit Card—Four FREE ATM withdrawals per month at CO-OP ATMs, with optional overdraft protection.²
  • Money Management 101—Complete and pass our online education module—receive a bonus $25.00 cash deposit into your account! Then enjoy quarterly education tips.³
  • Mobile Banking and Mobile Card Controls—Your money goes with you wherever you go.
  • Teen CDs—Save for your first car, college, etc.
  • Automatic “Allowance” Transfers—Schedule transfers from parents’ account to teen accounts.²

Money Management 101

Learn while you earn! When you open a Teen Partners Checking Account, you get the opportunity to earn a bonus cash deposit just by completing our online education module. All you have to do is complete the Teens and Money BalanceTrack module and pass the test with an 80% or better. Then $25.00 will be deposited into your Teen Partners Savings account.³

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Refer a friend… they’ll thank you. And so will we.

We know you’re going to love the freedom and experience of taking control of your finances. So be sure to tell your friends about Teen Partners. As a reward, you’ll receive a bonus cash deposit to your account.

Open your membership online or at any of our locations.


All it takes is a $5.00 deposit to get started. Please bring a valid picture ID and Social Security number with you to open the account.


¹$5.00 to open; 
²Must be a joint account with a parent, grandparent or responsible adult. Certain restrictions and conditions may apply.
³One $25.00 bonus deposit per member. Must complete and pass the Teens and Money BalanceTrack module and exam with a score of 80% or better to receive the $25.00 bonus deposited into account. Bonus is paid out for completing the module and exam one time. Must have a savings and checking account with Partner Colorado Credit Union to receive the bonus.