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Simple Retirement Strategies You Can Try

Retired couple golfing thanks to carefully planning for their retirement goals

Everyone’s retirement plan looks a little different. One person may want to travel the world while another may just want to master a favorite hobby like quilting or fly fishing. No matter how you want to spend your retirement, it’s important to put a financial plan in place to achieve your retirement goals. Here are a few simple retirement strategies you can try.

When Should I Open an IRA?

A happy retirement starts with a solid retirement investment plan, which often includes an IRA

What is an IRA and when should I open one?  The individual retirement account, (IRA) became popular decades ago when average Americans wanted to be more hands-on with their retirement savings. The two most popular versions, traditional and ROTH, both offer savings in a tax-advantaged account. But the common question many of us have is, “when should I open an IRA?”