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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Big Purchase

Woman walking out of a store with a big purchase

You’re convinced—you really want that Coach handbag. Or maybe you just know that gigantic entertainment center will transform your weekends. So you swipe your card and the dream item becomes yours. You’re thrilled! 

That is, until a few weeks later when the credit card bill comes and buyer’s remorse hits. You can’t help wondering, was it really worth the price? Don’t get sucked in again. Before you say “yes” to a big purchase, ask yourself these 7 questions. 

How Often to Apply for New Credit Cards

A man who applied for too many credits and is suffering from a low credit score

Everyone knows maintaining a good credit score is important. The higher your score, the more attractive you will be to potential lenders, making larger loans and the best interest rates easily accessible.

Hopefully, you’re working hard to keep a high credit score by using your credit cards and paying on time. However, you may be wondering if more is better. Is having several credit cards and more available credit a good idea? Or, are too many cards a liability to your credit score? Read on for the answers to all your questions.