Savings Secured Loans

Savings Secured Loans are backed by collateral, typically funds secured in a Partner Colorado Savings, CD or Money Market (cannot secure against an IRA account). Members often use Savings Secured Loans as part of a strategy to build or re-build credit.

Savings Secured Loans offer a great deal of flexibility. Since the loan amount is determined by the securing amount there is no maximum loan limit. Terms up to 12 months for the closed-end option.

For CD-secured loans, the loan term can exceed maturity date if the CD is set to renew (maximum of 5 years for amortization).

Closed-End Option:

  • Variable rate, 3.00% higher than the current share yield.
  • 12-month term only.
  • Balloon option available for larger share secured loans.
  • Must pay off or “refinance” at the end of 12-month term.
  • Maximum of 5 years for amortization.

Open-End Option:

  • Variable rate, 1.00% higher than Signature Line of Credit
  • Revolving balance allows you to access available balance for unplanned expenses.

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Certain conditions and restrictions may apply. All applicants subject to credit and income verification.