It's the loan that helps you repair or build your credit as you make on-time payments.

Financing you want, credit-building convenience you need

Borrow what you need

Borrow a minimum of $500 and repay it over 12 months.

An affordable option

A Credit Builder Loan rate is 1% above the current rate for our Signature Loans.

Set up automatic payments 

This ensures on-time payments, which help increase your credit score.

Build momentum

When you pay off your Credit Builder Loan, you could qualify for a larger loan.

Start building toward a brighter future

If your credit history has kept you from getting traditional loans, you still have options with Partner Colorado. Our Credit Builder Loan delivers the funds you need for a down payment on a vehicle, college expenses, a new laptop – anything you need. Funds are available as you make monthly loan payments, and your responsible money management helps you improve your credit score.

Here's What You Need to Apply for a Credit Builder Loan

A Partner Colorado Credit Union membership

A Partner Colorado checking account in good standing for 12 months or more

Proof of income that shows your ability to repay your loan

An agreement to set up automatic loan payments from either a Partner Colorado account or another financial institution

A clear history in which you have not caused any checking or loan losses to Partner Colorado

Here's How a Higher Credit Score Benefits You

Your credit score impacts a lot in life, maybe more than you realized. As your score increases, so do your opportunities:

  • Lower rates on loans, which can save you thousands of dollars
  • Lower cost on your insurance premiums
  • Easier access to contracts for new services, such as mobile phones
  • Better opportunities for new employment-yes, they do check!
  • Easier future credit approval

View FICO Credit Score

Keep tabs on this important number from Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO®).

  • Use Mobile Banking to monitor your FICO® Score.
  • Partner Colorado Credit Union provides your score (updated quarterly) based on information from your Experian credit report. 

Online Bill Pay

Managing and paying your bills is more efficient when you move the process online.

  • Instant payments
  • Set it up on your time
  • Better organization

Resources to move you ahead.

Resources to move you ahead.
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Calculate A Loan Payment

See how much you could pay monthly. 

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Online Bill Pay

Pay your loans on time and avoid fees.

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Certain conditions and restrictions may apply. All loans subject to credit and income verification.