Put the Money Saved from 90 Days of No Car Payments to Good Use

How will you spend the money saved from 90 days of no car payments?

How will you spend the money saved from 90 days of no car payments?

Expenses can start stacking up this time of year. That’s why we wanted to do something special with our auto loan to help members out this holiday season. When you refinance your current auto loan from another lender or buy a new vehicle, you’ll make no payments for 90 days, plus earn 1% cash back!

Just think of all the ways you could use that extra money. But before you head out on a shopping spree, consider these financially savvy ideas.

Payoff Holiday Debt
It’s not a good feeling to carry extra debt into the new year. So why not use your extra cash to pay off holiday debt before the new year even begins! Take a look at your credit card statements and figure out just how much you spent on gifts and holiday-related expenses. Apply that amount to your credit card balances.

Pay off Other Debt
If you have extra money left after paying off your holiday expenses, start applying it towards other debt you may have or pay a few bills. This can help lighten your financial load during a time when your spending has probably been at its highest. It’s a great way to get ahead and start the new year off right.

Donate to Charity
The holidays are a time for giving. Why not use your extra money to make a donation to your favorite charity? It’s a great way to contribute and give back to your community. Plus, if you donate to a qualified organization certain charitable contributions may be tax deductible. It’s a win-win for everyone. Consult your tax advisor for more details. If you need help finding a local charity, check out a list of Denver charities and nonprofits at the Great Nonprofits website.

Start an Emergency Fund
You never know when a financial emergency will strike. Your water heater or furnace could break down, a medical expense may come up or you may have to pay for car repairs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little savings stocked away for times just like these? Putting your extra cash into an emergency fund is a smart way to be prepared for unexpected expenses.

Putting your extra cash to good use is a great way to get ahead financially. Our auto loan offer will only last until December 31, 2017, so hurry and apply today. We hope this will help make your holidays a little brighter!

Not sure if now is a good time to refinance? Use our auto  loan calculator to see what your new monthly payment could be with our great rates or give us a call and we can do the math for you.