How to Save Money on Gardening Expenses

family working in garden

Spring is here and it’s time to get out in your garden. But there’s so much to buy—and it can add up quickly. You may even start wondering, can you really afford to have a garden? You can! Save on gardening costs this year with these six creative gardening hacks.

Share equipment

Instead of spending a lot on gardening equipment, talk to your neighbors about sharing some of your gardening gear. Let your neighbor use a tool you own, like your lawn trimmer, in exchange for use of their rototiller.

Shop the gardening sales

Larger gardening equipment, like mowers and rototillers, are usually featured at Memorial Day sale events, making the start of summer an excellent time to stock up on pricey gardening tools. Flowerpots, lawn furniture, garden décor and certain plants will sell at blowout prices during the clearance sales at the end of July.

Shop at the dollar store

You’ll find lots of gardening supplies, like seeds, plant markers, buckets and planters, at rock-bottom prices in stores like the Family Dollar and Dollar Tree.

Buy used gardening gear

Save big on gardening equipment by looking for second-hand tools and machines. Check out sites, like Craigslist, Letgo and Freecycle for quality equipment at bargain prices.

Rent gardening equipment

Many retailers rent out a variety of gardening tools and machines. This way, you’ll have access to quality equipment when you need it at a price that’s much less than paying for new equipment.

Buy seeds instead of plants

Buying young transplants is a lot easier and quicker than starting from a seed, but there’s a big difference in price. You can pick up a packet of flower or vegetable seeds for less than a dollar in many nurseries. Plus, growing a plant from a seedling to a flower or vegetable is a more rewarding experience.

Taking care of a garden and watching it grow is one of life’s simple pleasures. Use these tips to bring your garden to life without draining your wallet. If your whole yard is need of an upgrade, we can help! Consider a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) to fund bigger home improvements. Our No Closing Cost HELOC is the perfect way to kick off your summer projects.