How to Save Money at the Mall

family shopping at the mall for holiday gifts

When the holiday season rolls around, there’s so much shopping to do. Even though online shopping has become more and more popular, sometimes the best place to pick up all the gifts on your list is the mall. Before you hit the mall this holiday season, here are nine helpful mall shopping hacks to make your trip a little easier and a bit lighter on your budget.

Map out a route 

The less time you spend at the mall, department stores or outlet malls, the better off your budget is. Before heading out, create a route of the stores you’ll hit. Most malls offer a printable map on their websites to make this task a little easier.

Turn it up 

Plug into your favorite playlist while scouring your favorite stores for fantastic finds. You’ll be calmer and less stressed—and a lot less likely to overspend. 

Cash only 

Leave the plastic at home and only bring along the amount of cash you plan on spending. You’ll be forced to stick to your budget no matter how tempted you are to overspend. 

Find the hidden cashier 

Skip the endless lines in the bigger stores this holiday season by seeking out cashiers set up in out-of-the-way spots of the store. You might find these quieter checkout lines near the shoe department, in a far-off corner or near the fitting rooms. 

Box it

When a cashier offers to box your purchases for you, say yes. It might mean a bit more time for you at the checkout, but you’ll get a head start on all that gift wrapping and save money on wrapping paper too.  

Shop late in the day

The malls usually see the fewest shoppers during the late evening hours, so you’ll be able to shop quickly without jostling your way through the crowds.

Don’t befriend the checkout clerks 

According to Forbes, shoppers tend to overspend when they feel a kinship with the cashier. Be cordial and polite, but don’t feel like you have to buy any extras offered to you.

Carry a snapshot of your financial goal 

Print out a photo of your financial dream and stick it into your wallet. Pull it out whenever you’re tempted to bust your budget on a purchase and it will help you keep your mind on your goal. 

Suck on a mint 

Did you know stores use scents to manipulate shoppers into spending more? Suck on a mint to help you block out the store’s smells and stick to your budget. 

Don’t get stressed or go broke at the mall or department stores this holiday season. Follow our hacks for a budget-friendly and stress-free shopping trip. If you do need a little help checking everything off your list this year, check out our Winter Wonder Loan. We can help you get the extra cash you need for gifts, travel and any other holiday expenses.