How to Protect Your Money While Traveling

June 21, 2024 by Partner Colorado Credit Union

Protecting your money while traveling is an important part of the vacation planning process. Here are some steps you can take to help you enjoy your travels with greater peace of mind, knowing your money is well-protected.

Use Multiple Forms of Payment

One thing you can do to help protect your money while traveling is to diversify your payment methods. Carry a mix of cash, credit cards, and debit cards. This way, if one form of payment is lost or stolen, you still have others you can rely on.

It’s also a good idea to use travel-friendly cards. Use credit cards that are widely accepted internationally and offer travel benefits like no foreign transaction fees, travel insurance, and fraud protection.

Secure Your Cash and Cards

Only carry as much cash as you need for the day. Most expenses can be covered by cards, which are easier to replace if lost or stolen.

Use a money belt or hidden pouch to carry your cash and cards securely and out of sight. These can be worn under your clothes, making it harder for pickpockets to access.

Store any extra cash or cards in your hotel safe along with any important documents you may have brought like your passport. This provides another safety net if your primary card is lost or stolen.

Be Smart About ATMs

Use ATMs located inside financial institutions rather than standalone machines. ATMs located inside are less likely to have skimmers that can steal your card information.

Before using an ATM, inspect it for any signs of tampering, such as loose card slots or suspicious attachments. When entering your PIN at an ATM, cover the keypad with your hand to prevent anyone from seeing it.

Monitor Your Accounts

Enable account alerts for your credit and debit cards. These can notify you of any unusual activity, allowing you to quickly respond to potential fraud. You should also regularly check your account statements for unauthorized transactions. The sooner you spot an issue, the easier it is to resolve. You can easily check your accounts anytime throughout the day with our Mobile Banking App.

Use Travel Insurance

Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers theft or loss of cash and cards. This can provide peace of mind and financial compensation if something goes wrong.

Inform Your Financial Institution

Notify your financial institution of your travel plans. This prevents your cards from being flagged for suspicious activity when used abroad and ensures your financial institution can reach you if needed.

Use Secure Payment Methods

Where available, use mobile payment options like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. These are often more secure than physical cards because they use tokenization to process transactions. This means your actual card number is replaced with a unique digital card number meaning a business can neither see nor store your full card number.

If you have a Partner Colorado debit or credit card, you can download our free Mobile Wallet app that’s compatible with your device. It let’s you pay at millions of businesses around the world with the same secure payment process.

Knowing how to protect your money while traveling requires a combination of careful planning, vigilance, and smart use of technology. By diversifying your payment methods, securing your cash and cards, using trusted ATMs, and monitoring your accounts, you can significantly reduce the risk of financial loss. And don’t forget to inform your financial institution of your travels before you go, especially if you’re traveling abroad. Following these steps will help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, knowing your money is protected while you travel.