Automated investing, with a personal touch.

On-demand investment services, tailored to you

Start today

All it takes is $200 to create your investment portfolio.

Ideal for first-timers

EasyVest demystifies investing, especially for those investing smaller amounts of money.

Leverage a robo-advisor

Data-driven investment guidance presents multiple options without confusion.

Your investment journey starts here

And it begins with you answering specific questions within EasyVest so the AI-powered system can customize your investment strategy. What is your risk tolerance? What assets interest you? What is your investment personality? Answers to these questions create an investment portfolio and strategy that will be adjusted in real-time, automatically, to align with your goals. And you can manage and monitor everything through Online Banking and our Mobile Banking App. Just look for the Investments tab and click on EasyVest.

Resources to move you ahead.

Resources to move you ahead.
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Make sure you are both on the same page.

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Things To Consider When You Get A Raise

Learn how to manage your increased salary.

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Save Or Pay Off Debt

Discover which option is right for you.

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Non-deposit investment products are not NCUA / NCUSIF / FDIC or otherwise federally insured, are not guarantees or obligations of Partner Colorado Credit Union, and may involve investment risk including possible loss of principal. Partner Colorado Credit Union has contracted with Access Softek Advisory Services LLC ("Access Softek") to make non-deposit investment products available to you. DriveWealth LLC, a SEC registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC, holds the investment accounts. Investment Advisor Representatives are registered through Access Softek.