Partner Colorado has a wide variety of financial calculators to help you achieve financial success.

Auto Calculators

Determine your monthly car payment or target purchase price for a new car with our auto calculators.

Mortgage Calculators

Before you make one of your biggest financial decisions, calculate your total budget, compare home loan options, analyze payment plans and then determine what is best for you.

Home Equity Calculators

Using your home’s equity to pay off debt, remodel your home or make other major purchases is a big financial undertaking. Use these calculators to help you make an informed decision about this unique loan.

Savings Calculators

Saving money is simple, but not always easy. Use these calculators to plan your savings strategies for a college education, buying your first home, emergencies and more.

Retirement Calculators

Plan for a rewarding retirement with helpful calculators to see how long your savings could last, compare types of investment options and more.

Debt Calculators

See how long different payoff strategies will take to pay down your debt ,or how much you can save by consolidating your debt, with these calculators.

Budget Calculators

From an easy-to-use checkbook balancing tool to a handy spending tracker, these calculators can help you get a handle on your household budget.