Citizenship Loans

Don’t let the application fee keep you from pursuing the dream of U.S. citizenship. Partner Colorado Citizenship Loans can make the fees more affordable.

  • Members with no SSN or ITIN, applying for Deferred Action Naturalization in the USA with little or no credit
  • Minimum $1,800.00 gross monthly income
  • Minimum of six months at current job
  • Completed Deferred Action Application (I-821D) or Completed Application for Naturalization

Different Citizenship Loan Types Offered by Partner Colorado:

  1. Naturalization Loan: The naturalization loan will help you pay the necessary fees needed to start the process of becoming a citizen. The naturalization loan includes:

    No collateral or established credit is required to receive financing. You can even build your credit! Once the loan is opened, a $680 check will be made to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for the citizenship fee.

    • A maximum loan of $680.00
    • Loan terms up to 12 months1
    • Low fixed-rate of 11.99% APR
    • No application fee

     For example, "a $680.00 naturalization loan for a term of 12 months with a 11.99% APR, the monthly payment will be $60.41.

  1. Secured ITIN Loan: Secured with collateral, collateral is funds secured in a Partner Colorado Savings or CD account (cannot secure against an IRA account). Members often use Secured ITIN Loans2 as part of a strategy to build or re-build credit. Secured ITIN Loans offer a great deal of flexibility.

    • A maximum loan amount of $500.00
    • Loan terms up to 12 months
    • Low variable-rate, 3.00% higher than the current savings yield
    • No credit history required
    • No application fee

      For example, "a $500.00 naturalization loan for a term of 12 months with a 3.10% APR, the monthly payment will be $42.37.

What You Need to Qualify for Citizenship Loans:

  • Become a member of Partner Colorado Credit Union.
  • Valid personal identification with photograph (passport, consular registration, student identification).
  • Be over 18 years of age to apply. If you are under 18, you need the signature of a guardian or adult relative.
  • Social Security Number or ITIM (Personal Identification Number of the taxpayer).
  • Proof of address with the state of Colorado.
  • Proof of income (letter of employment, pay stub, tax return, W2).
  • Information of two personal references (name, telephone number and address).
  • A completed Deferred Action request (1-821D).

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